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Future3X - FAQs

Future3x is aimed at providing global leaders and networkers a means to create an online source of income in a safe and reliable manner. The company wants the growth of the people which are ready to work as a team with the company.

You will get a fixed 3% Return on your investment daily, on trading days (i.e. from Monday to Friday). This return will be credited to your account up till the time when your TOTAL INCOME from all the possible sources become 3 times of your original investment amount..

Once your total income becomes 3 times of your investment amount, all your incomes will stop and your account will be temporarily deactivated. To re-activate your account, you must make another investment in the same account. .

Capping is the maximum amount of Binary Matching Income that you can earn per day. If your income exceeds the capping limit, the remaining Binary Matching Income will get flushed, which means that it will not be credited and you will lose that amount of money.

The capping is equal to your original investment amount.

Absolutely Yes.
Once you make an investment, your capping will get fixed. It will remain fixed until you get 3x returns on your investment. You can choose to increase your capping by investing with a larger amount. But this will lead to the expiry of your previous investment.
That is why we would always advise you to invest wisely.

To avoid the loss of the Binary Matching Income, you must invest with a sufficiently large amount. Since your capping will be equal to your investment amount, investing with a large amount will increase your capping and thus your Binary Matching Income will not get flushed.

The Leadership Income Reward is a special type of non-working income that the company has introduced for its leaders. In this reward, 25% of your TOTAL INCOME from all the possible sources will be deducted from your wallet and go to your upline/sponsor. Similarly, 25% from each of your downlines (leaders that you have sponsored or referred) will get credited to your wallet.

For deposits, the relevant mining fees will be applicable.
For withdrawals, the relevant mining fees will be applicable.
For internal transfers also, no fees will be charged.

You can withdraw as much earnings you want at once. But the minimum withdrawal is 300 TRX. No withdrawal requests below 300 TRX will be entertained.

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